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Intruder Alarms Systems

Intruder Alarms are the foundations of any security system, by protecting your home you are minimising the damage caused from intruders if the time comes. GMC alarms have been providing NSI Gold NACOSS approved Intruder Alarms since 1989. Our customers value our industry leading expertise, experience and quality in work catering to the your needs and exactly what you want. We offer a complete management of security systems from installation through to monitoring and servicing, if you would like a quote or even just information regarding the field with no obligations please contact us


Domestic homes


At GMC we appreciate every home requires distinct features when it comes to security, therefore we employ a range of intruder devices from passive infrared (PIR) devices to external beam sensors with gate controls to maximise effect and minimise potential damage.

Industry level protection


We will tailor the intruder devices with CCTV and Access Control Systems to maximise the security and minimise unnecessary false activations of your company, by using tamper-proof contacts and PIR key break-in points can be secured. We believe using our devices and signs as deterrent is extremely important in stopping a burglary before it even begins.




Our intruder alarms have the capabilities for external monitoring with police connections for the fastest responses to your home or business after due processes have occurred. This reduces the pressures placed on you as the keyholder in the unlikely case of a break-in, our 24-7 on call staff means there will always be someone to guide you through re-securing and reactivating the property on demand.

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